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SEO Tips for Your E-commerce Store

22 Mar SEO Tips for Your E-commerce Store

10 SEO Tips for eCommerce Websites

Number#1 | Research and Optimise Keywords

Keyword research is one of the most important and primary part of SEO. You need to do keyword research properly or hire a specialist for keyword research. It helps to get a good position in search engine result pages that brings huge traffic to your site. You must target potential customers for your product/service before keyword research that helps to reach more customers with the help of search engine. You can simply do keyword research some 3rd party tools like Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Optimising keyword is also important as keyword research. After keyword research, you need to integrate proper keyword in the proper place. Such as, you must use keywords in URL, title tag, meta description, content headline, sometimes in sub-headline, content body, in the image ALT tag etc.

Number#2 | Website Design and Navigation

Website design and Navigation is also important for an eCommerce site. You need to keep your website fresh and clean and the navigation should be user friendly so that customers can easily find their desirable product. The page loading time must be as low as possible that helps to provide better user experience.

Number#3 | URL Structure

URL structure is most important for search engine as well as human. Search Engine friendly or Human friendly URL should contain a short description of product or product idea that influence human to visit your site. It also helps to index your site by search engine easily, and quickly.

Example of a good URL Structure:

Example of a bad URL Structure:

Number#4 | Title Tag and Meta Description

Title tag and meta description is another big fact that you must consider when optimise your eCommerce site for search engine. When people search on search engine, the search engine shows your site URL, Title and meta description in search results. So you must provide unique title and meta description in every single page/post on your site. Include product name in the title tag and provide a short description about product in the meta description.

Number#5 | Product Description

Most of the eCommerce website doesn’t provide proper description or provide wrong description. Most of them also provide duplicate content that is not good for SEO. Search engines always want, unique content. So you must provide a unique description for each and every product on your eCommerce site. It is also better to provide long description that helps to get a good position in search engine result pages.

Number#6 | Optimize Image and Video

Optimise images and video helps to get a maximum impression as well as traffic from search engines. Use targeted keywords or product name in Image ALT tag and description. If you provide video review or any video documentation of your product/service, then you must optimize video for search engine.

Number#7 | Customer Reviews & Rating

Customer reviews and rating is not only helpful for SEO but also helpful to increase sales. When someone visits your sites, they will see other customers review & rating for specific product and they may impress to buy the product. It’s also helpful to get benefits in SEO because when someone write a review then the pages will update automatically.

Number#8 | Use a Blog

Using a blog is helpful to get more benefits in SEO and drive huge traffic to your eCommerce site. It helps to rank your keyword better and drive traffic to your blog that may convert into potential customers.

Number#9 | Social Media

Create rich profiles in all major social networking and social media sites. It is most important for SEO as well as drive huge referral traffic to your site. Social media also helps to increase your brand awareness. It is also important having social media sharing icons in each and every single page/post of your site and blog.

Number#10 | Link Building

Link building is most important, but technically part of SEO. If you do it properly, you can get huge traffic from search engines easily and quickly. Some source of ink building is

  • Broken links
  • Dead links
  • Infographic
  • Blog
  • Forum
  • Product review
  • Internal link
  • Interview
  • Social media
  • Press release
  • Content marketing
  • Video marketing
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