10 Business Logos That Will Make You Cringe With Laughter!
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10 Business Logos That Will Make You Cringe With Laughter

Mama's Bakery

14 Apr 10 Business Logos That Will Make You Cringe With Laughter

A cleverly designed and well-executed business logo wins customers and propels your business forward and ahead of your competitors. Your business logo must tell people what your business is and what your business does. It must be eye-catching, unique and unforgettable. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In the case of these 10 businesses, the logos are eye-catching, unique and unforgettable — but all for the wrong and inappropriate reasons. Their intentions might have been purely innocent: to create a logo that will best represent the company and what it stands for. But the results definitely aren’t. Here are ten of the worst business logo designs ever made. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will know how NOT to design your own business logo in the future.

1) A-Style (Italian clothing company)

Okay, I can see the letter ‘A’ as clear as day, standing prominently against that bright yellow background. I think that’s a good thing. For the ‘style’ part, well, I think the logo designer had a different style in mind. One that’s reserved in the privacy of the bedroom.




2) Locum (Swedish Property Management Firm)

Blame it on the language barrier, perhaps? Or just bad decision to put in a heart right there instead of just a letter ‘o’. Looking at it is enough to make me cringe, so I won’t even attempt to read it out loud.

locum business logo


3) Mama’s Baking (A Cafe in Greece) 

I’m sure this café only serves the best home-baked pies and home-cooked Greek gyros. Too bad their business logo leaves a bad taste in the mouth. From where I’m sitting, all I see is a woman with no hair, a too large bosom, and a dress that’s on fire. It certainly looks like Mama’s had a kitchen mishap and you need to start extinguishing that fire ASAP.

Mama's Bakery


4) The Brazilian Institute of Oriental Studies

If I have to be completely honest, this just looks like a pointy contraption going into a wildly innapropriate crevice. I’m sorry, but I failed to see the setting sun just behind a pagoda.

sun rise logo


5) Megaflicks

So maybe whoever designed this failed to realise that this might be the wrong font to use for this particular word. You just can’t see it, but I’m giving myself a mighty, mighty face palm now.

MegaFlicks Business Logo


6) Kostelecke Uzeniny Sausages

First of all, it’s creepy the way that man is devouring the sausages. Second of all, there is a creepy-looking man eating sausages. One just cannot unsee what the eyes have already seen.

Kosteleck Sausages Business Logo


7) Kids Exchange

For the love of all that is pure and holy, what do you mean a kid sex change? I’m outraged! This is absolutely scandalous! Wait, what? Kids Exchange, you mean? Now there’s your logo design fail.

Kids Exchange Business Logo


8) Kudawara Pharmacy

It’s like walking into a room and finding two people in a compromising position. I see what they did with the letter ‘K’ there. But I also see two people doing something they aren’t supposed to. So still not cool.

Kudawara Pharmacy Business logo


9) State of Vermont Pure Maple Syrup

This may be America’s best-tasting and purest maple syrup, but with a logo like this, one can’t help but be suspicious. Are you sure this is maple syrup and not something else?

State of Vermont Maple Syrup Business Logo

10) Safe Place

How can something or somewhere be considered a safe place when you can easily have someone grope you from behind? That doesn’t look or sound very safe at all! 

Safe Place Business Logo


One thing you can take away from this experience is to just leave logo designing to the professionals. These logo fails might have been intentionally designed to have double meanings, but do you really want your business to be known by a logo that sends completely the wrong message? You may think that because your logo looks like a phallic symbol looks fun and gimmicky now, but twenty or thirty years from now, will that logo still look fun and gimmicky? Consider these business logo fails a lesson, and even a warning. Remember, when in doubt whether a logo is appropriate or not, ask for a second, a third, a fourth, and a fifth opinion. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

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    Posted at 21:11h, 14 April Reply

    Number 9 I couldnt figure out, but then it clicked.

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